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Tea and Sauce.
Serves 2

Ingredients / 3 large onions / steel of a knife / one head
of unkissable garlic / fingertips  / bandaged / substitute
false milk / drooping tea bag

Method / mince garlic + cover fingertips with unmoveable scent / taste
sauce from the smooth back of a spoon / lick lips / knife accidentally sharp /
tea accidentally too sweet / low fat / lactose free / pour milk until swirling /
dilute until white / kiss the distracted cheek / peel thin skin from onions /
slip the knife / dice until crying.


So the ~poetry thing that I’m doing at the moment (lololol it’s the same one I’ve been doing forever)(like at least 2 years for a collection of 20 poems is not a good track record)(anyway) is based around the myth of Diana and Actaeon (because I have not and will never get over my collegiate obsession with myth poetry, myth poetry forever, mythology forever) and today I finally dragged up Ted Hughes’ Tales of Ovid (which I bought months ago and never touched) and LOLOLOL THE VERY FIRST STANZA OF THE ACTAEON SECTION IS:

"Destiny, not guilt, was enough
for Actaeon. It is no crime
to lose your way in a dark wood.”

Like trololol let’s write the version where it was all a big misunderstanding and not at all about Actaeon being a proud-as-fuck pervy perve, let’s just make this whole section ONE GIANT MANSPLANATION GODDAMN I HATE TED HUGHES.

#clearly the myth is more complicated than that #but OF COURSE Ted Hughes would be a giant Actaeon mansplainer #OF COURSE #and of course in my version Actaeon’s a slightly damaged scary woodsman dude with a lichtenberg scar on his back who kinda gets punished for #just being talented (as per good classical story tropes) and also for being a bit of a hubritic self-superior knob #(also a classic trope) #but also generally because in a time of ancient gods warlords and kings #a land in turmoil cried out for a hero #oops no that’s the credits voiceover from Xena: Warrior Princess #anyway tl;dr sometimes your fuck the gods #and sometimes the gods fuck you #I think this is the proudest I’ve ever been of my tags TBH #poetry #myth #Actaeon #Diana #Ted Hughes

I’d also like to add a tag for ‘feminist revisionist myth-making’ just because ARGH TED HUGHES MAKES ME ANGRY I am 10000000% on Diana’s side as far as this whole thing goes and like that’s the exact conflict that makes this interesting to me, it’s cool that a dude gets turned into a stag and torn apart by his own hunting dogs but gimme the origin story, gimme the politics, gimme the questions of sexual interaction that got us here in the first place, I will never ever get sick of that stuff.

I’d also also like to plug my friend Dael's segment on Geek and Sundry Vlogs because she talks about classical mythology and if you got a chuckle from this, you will deffo enjoy her videos, which go up on the G&S Vlogs site every first and third Monday I think. Also she’s from my uni. She’s my friend’s little sister. She works for Felicia Day. It’s crazypants.

(on the pragmatic side of things: I’ve been teaching a lot this semester, I’ve been trying to finish my thesis, I’ve had a relationship end and a bunch of psychological epiphanies, I wasn’t writing poetry for a really long time but I’m getting some real flow on the rewriting of the Diana-Actaeon thing, the weather’s beautiful, I’ve started listening to Welcome To Night Vale, today I baked cookies, non sequitur, how are you?)

I wonder how many poems my fingers wrote along the line of your shoulderblades
how many words they invented, all that gibberish of skin and love.

HADES GREY, a blackout poetry project based on Fifty Shades of Grey.
Sally Evans, 2013.

[those in the Sydney area are encouraged to come along to the Marvellous Scandal on March 8th for a performance of the whole project]

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In other words, it’s time to stop being stupid and start being a fucking adult again or at least faking it til it becomes real.
PS. real feelings in tags.